Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's The Difference Between Natural Gas And Propane Barbeques?

I have always liked barbeques. If someone mentioned having one I was there. It’s like my favorite activity. But I really never got into barbequing myself. Well, recently I decided that it was time that I bought a grill and tried my hand at it. I went out looking for a grill. I had no idea that it would be such a hard choice. There are so many grills out there to choose from. They range in price from a few dollars for a small one, which would sit on a table to monsters of a grill. They came in a lot of different styles. They had electric grills, charcoal grills and gas grills. Well, I decided right away to get a gas grill. But that brought another decision; did I want a natural gas or propane barbeque grill? I needed to research this first. What is the difference between using natural gas and propane barbeques?

This is what I found out. There is really no difference when it comes to the way they cook the food. But they are different when it comes down to energy efficiency and cost. Propane is sold in tanks and you can buy them at most convenience stores. Natural gas has to be purchased from a gas company and comes in lines that you would hook to your grill. Natural gas tends to be more costly then propane. The main differences between the two are their chemical properties. Propane is heavier therefore it will fall to the ground if it is released and cause an explosion. Natural gas rises into the air and tends to evaporate.

There are some people that prefer to use the natural gas with their barbeques because it does not affect the taste of the food like propane can. Also natural gas tends to cook quicker and there is a endless supply of gas available, where when you are using propane you will have to refill the tank periodically. But you also have to consider the fact that if you are using natural gas, you will not be able to move your grill around. It will pretty much have to stay in one spot. With a propane tank grill you will be able to move it around your yard to where you want it.

Most propane grills can be converted to natural gas with a few adjustments. The gas company has the parts needed for this adjustment. And now there are natural gas grills on the market. They each have their own disadvantages and advantages. It is really a personal choice on what you prefer.

I ended up choosing the propane grill. Because for me it seemed to have more advantages then the natural gas. But again, that was my opinion and my choice. Many people would argue that natural gas is the better choice. Whichever you decide on, one guarantee is that you will have a lot of good times with your grill. Barbequing means fun and good food!

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